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How to Tell If It’s Time to Repair Your Muffler

The combustion inside your engine produces exhaust that must be expelled from your vehicle. Normally, the exhaust would make a loud noise because it creates a shock wave as it exits through the exhaust valve. A muffler is used to break up these sound waves as they leave the vehicle and greatly reduce the noise. There are a series of baffles inside a muffler that disrupt the sound waves and quiet the vehicle's noises. [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Car Tuned Up

1. It Needs It  Whether your car is just off the lot or you’ve had it for years, parts of your car will accrue wear and tear. That’s just the reality of driving. At Paul’s Auto Repair you can bring your car old, new, used, or totaled, and at the end of the tune-up, that car is going to be good as new eve if it already is.  2. Regular Maintenance is Responsible and [...]

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Conventional and Synthetic: What’s the Big Difference?

We love that old, and new clients alike want what’s best for the longevity of their vehicles, which is often why we get asked the question during a routine oil change: “What’s better, synthetic oil or conventional?” We know there are quite a few variables to consider when determining what’s suitable for your car. There’s no perfect answer as the answer won’t be the same for every vehicle! That being said, let’s look at [...]

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Transitioning Your Vehicle to the Warmer Months

It’s probably safe to say that warmer days are not too far off. Before you get too excited and toss your ice scraper in the trunk, remember that Idaho is known for “false spring” and you may need to keep it close for a while longer. Get Ready for Summer Even if you still have a few more weeks of clearing ice off your windows, you can start to get your car ready for [...]

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What Makes a Car Safe?

If you have a question about whether or not your vehicle has a good safety rating, you can check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) databases. But what is considered when ranking vehicles? With just the year, make and model of your vehicle on hand, you can look up your vehicle to see how its safety features rate. Star Ratings and Recalls The last thing you [...]

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How to Drive in Snow and Ice

Our number one tip for driving in the snow is to walk back inside your house, sit on the couch, pull a blanket over yourself and turn on Netflix. In other words, stay home and stay warm! On a more serious note, there are some ways you can prepare to drive safely in snowy and icy conditions. Here are some actual tips from the Jerome car repair team at Master Muffler, because if Idahoans [...]

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Don’t Forget To Service These Essential Parts

A Heavy Responsibility A car is one of the most important possessions we can have, not only for its effect on our daily lives but because of the responsibilities that accompany owning one. When we climb behind the steering wheel, we become responsible for the safety of everyone inside the car, as well as all the people and property in our immediate vicinity.  As owners of a car, there are three ways that we [...]

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Understanding the Exhaust System

There’s a lot more to an exhaust system than just a few inches of tailpipe you see protruding from underneath your vehicle. The Jerome car repair technicians at Master Muffler lay it all out below. The exhaust is a vital component of any vehicle, not just to reroute noxious fumes from the engine, but to reduce the number of pollutants as well. What the Exhaust System Does Engines produce a lot of fumes, as [...]

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Gas vs Diesel vs Electric: What’s the Difference?

The cost of fuel per gallon isn’t enough to help determine whether a gasoline-powered engine is more or less expensive than a diesel-fueled one. Throw electric vehicles into the mix and you’re looking at a whole other set of stats. The Jerome car repair team at Master Muffler gets into it below. Which Type of Vehicle is Best? The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports the following gas vs diesel prices (including taxes) for [...]

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The Basics of Hydraulics

In a hydraulic system, a force is multiplied using an oil-based fluid. Hydraulics allows your vehicle to work smarter, not harder. The brake system of your vehicle is a great example of a hydraulic system; the force on the brake pedal is magnified with the help of brake fluid, cylinders, and pistons. The friction caused by this system eventually stops your car. Learn more about hydraulics and brakes from the Jerome car repair experts [...]

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