Jerome Brake Repair

Image of a WheelBrakes are a delicate yet vital component of your vehicle acting as the most important safety feature. The braking system is composed of a number of parts that each have to be in proper working order for optimal function. If there is any question with regards to the function of your brakes, bring your vehicle to Master Muffler Jerome and we’ll be able to diagnose the issue while providing valuable insights concerting your vehicle’s maintenance needs. Whether your brake pads are in need of replacement or the entire system is in need of fine-tuning or repair, we have the resources necessary to get the job done.

Look to us for your Brake Needs

Whether your brakes are worn and squealing or just need a tune-up, let us fix your brakes. We’ll have you safely on the road in no time.

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Knowing When There’s an Issue

There is no better way to cause significant damage to your brakes than neglecting repair when they are already worn or damaged. Luckily, there are many clear warning signs that indicate an issue with the braking system. Bring your vehicle into the shop for a diagnostic if you experience any of the following:

  • Burning Smell
  • Vibrating or Wobbling
  • Screeching or Grinding Sounds
  • Leaking Fluid
  • Car Pulling to One Side
  • Reduced Brake Pedal Resistance
  • Illuminated Brake System Light

Brake Inspections

Automobile brakes

As a general rule of thumb, brakes should be inspected every six to eight months. During an inspection, our Jerome mechanics will take a look at the entire brake system which includes the following:

  • Brake Pedal
  • Brake Fluid
  • Brake Lines and Hoses
  • Disk/Drum Brakes
  • Brake Pads
  • Other Brake System Components

After a comprehensive brake inspection, we will be able to ensure the safety of your vehicle by making necessary repairs or determining when maintenance should be scheduled. Pay us a visit or give us a call today for a vehicle brake system inspection!

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