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What Makes a Car Safe?

If you have a question about whether or not your vehicle has a good safety rating, you can check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) databases. But what is considered when ranking vehicles? With just the year, make and model of your vehicle on hand, you can look up your vehicle to see how its safety features rate. Star Ratings and Recalls The last thing you [...]

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How to Drive in Snow and Ice

Our number one tip for driving in the snow is to walk back inside your house, sit on the couch, pull a blanket over yourself and turn on Netflix. In other words, stay home and stay warm! On a more serious note, there are some ways you can prepare to drive safely in snowy and icy conditions. Here are some actual tips from the Jerome car repair team at Master Muffler, because if Idahoans [...]

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Understanding the Exhaust System

There’s a lot more to an exhaust system than just a few inches of tailpipe you see protruding from underneath your vehicle. The Jerome car repair technicians at Master Muffler lay it all out below. The exhaust is a vital component of any vehicle, not just to reroute noxious fumes from the engine, but to reduce the number of pollutants as well. What the Exhaust System Does Engines produce a lot of fumes, as [...]

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Gas vs Diesel vs Electric: What’s the Difference?

The cost of fuel per gallon isn’t enough to help determine whether a gasoline-powered engine is more or less expensive than a diesel-fueled one. Throw electric vehicles into the mix and you’re looking at a whole other set of stats. The Jerome car repair team at Master Muffler gets into it below. Which Type of Vehicle is Best? The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports the following gas vs diesel prices (including taxes) for [...]

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The Basics of Hydraulics

In a hydraulic system, a force is multiplied using an oil-based fluid. Hydraulics allows your vehicle to work smarter, not harder. The brake system of your vehicle is a great example of a hydraulic system; the force on the brake pedal is magnified with the help of brake fluid, cylinders, and pistons. The friction caused by this system eventually stops your car. Learn more about hydraulics and brakes from the Jerome car repair experts [...]

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10 Most Common Car Repair Issues

Can you guess what most Jerome car repair requests are? At Master Muffler, we perform a lot of the same car repair services day after day. Your Jerome car repair needs can range from a quick fix such as replacing the air filter, to something more complex, such as replacing a clutch. Whatever it is you’d like Master Muffler to look at, we’ll do our best to make it a smooth process. Common Car [...]

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Extend the Life of Your Car’s Engine

There is a growing trend to keep a car a lot longer than we used to. We want to invest in something that gets us from point A to point B for many years to come. We often take for granted that our car will start every time we sit behind the wheel, but we should actively ensure this is the case. Don’t ignore scheduled maintenance recommendations for your vehicle. Look in your owner’s [...]

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You Never Forget Your First: Picking the Right First Car

There is nothing quite so memorable as putting the key into the ignition of your first personally-owned vehicle. The pride of having earned it yourself, the gratitude to those who might have given it to you, the joy of being completely autonomous with no strings attached﹘each feeling is distinct and will serve to make the memory all the sweeter for the rest of your life.  Whether you are a newly licensed driver, a parent [...]

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What Makes a Good Mechanic?

At Master Muffler, we know that our service is only as good as our mechanics. Because of this, we put a lot of time and thought into our people and processes so our customers can experience the best service possible. When it comes to our mechanics, we only invite people to the team that we know we can trust with your vehicles. Here are some additional qualities we look for in the process of [...]

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Are You Ignoring Your Car’s Important Warning Signs?

At Master Muffler, we understand that the times we live in can be tricky financially. Sometimes our scheduled plans like car maintenance are put on the backburner when funds are tight and every penny saved is important. We get it! But we also realize the important role your vehicle plays in your daily life. Whether it’s driving the kids to a place where they can get out while safely socially distancing, or taking a [...]

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